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Letter from Major J. Luscius Cross to Mother - March 11, 1861

Letter from Confedrate Solider. Lucious Cross, to his mother, 3 months going home.

Letter from Confederate Soldier "My Dear Goff"-December. 2, 1861

Written Letter that says "My Dear Goff" on it written by Confederate soldier.

Letter from Confederate Soldier to his Sister-December 28, 1861

Letter from Confederate Solider to his Sister

Letter from Confederate Soldier to his Sister-December 9, 1861

Confederate Soldier letter to his sister written in December 9, 1861

Letter from Confederate Solider Grieving Over Death of Loved One-Nov. 18, 1861

Confederate Solider's letter about his grieving for somone who he loved that has died.

Letter from Confederate soldier in Richmond to sister-Nov. 28, 1862

Writes in regards of pending military exploits in the Richmond are. Confederate solider's letter to his sister. One of may of these letters.

Letter from Confederate Solider to his Mother- June 17 1861

Confederate soldier written letter to his mother dated June 17 1861

Letter from Major J. Lucius Cross to His Sister- Dec. 29, 1865

Written letter from Confederate soldier to his sister.

Letter from Richard K. Call to Medicus A. Long - November 24, 1847

Reporting on the account of Mr. Thomas Kirkman

Letter From J. McCants to Governor William D. Moseley - December 4, 1848

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Conveying from the ''Society for the building of the Washington Monument'' a piece of the cornerstone of the monument